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As a professional photographer and now as a filmmaker, I am privileged to work with a talented crew as well as a select group of sophisticated clients. I am grateful to be earning a living doing something !truly love with people I like and respect.

In between client projects I recharge my creative batteries with long bike rides on the hilly country roads near my home. I also make time to shoot personal work which is how Charlie and his barbershop made it into my book.

Charlie was a good man, never wanted to he a rock star, never wanted to get ahead by outsmarting anyone. Instead, long ago he dedicated himself to his craf; one that he knew would never make him rich but would meet his needs. For 50 years he opened his doors early every day knowing that folks were counting on him.

For Charlie, making his customers look good was his pride and joy. He was a caring, hardworking and humble man who focused on being of service. Charlie remains my hero and each day I do my best to follow in his footsteps.